Black & Decker RS500K only $49.99


If you are a weekend warrior and have been looking for a reciprocating saw (aka Sawzall), then this Black & Decker RS500K might just do the trick. The RS500K is not going to power through super tough jobs for hours on end, but if you just need a reciprocating saw for those one-off projects that happen to get added to your list every so often then RS500K is all you may need. Unlike the professional recip saws that sport 12A+ and heavy weights, the B&D RS500K is light on the amps at 8.5A and the weight. Do not let this discourage you though. The RS500K should do the job perfectly for the majority of tasks thrown at it such as cutting drywall, small scale demolition, the wood deck board replacement cut, gutter or downspout cuts, or even for pruning trees. It is also a corded saw so you’ll never have to worry about replacing batteries or loss of power. Here is a list of uses this saw is good for as shown on the Black & Decker site:

  • Wood and nail embedded wood
  • Light to heavy gauge metals
  • Copper, aluminum, brass, cast iron and steel
  • Drywall and plaster
  • Plastics, rubber composites and fiberglass
  • Pruning

If you want variable speed control, then you will need to step up to the Black & Decker RS600K. However, instead of upgrading to the RS600K for $69.54, you could use that extra $20 savings to just pick up the RS500K for $49.99 along with this Dewalt 15 Blade Value Pack for $19.43… another deal that is hard to beat… for the total cost of $69.42!.

Price Comparison:

The RS500K can be found at the following retailers:

The RS600K with variable speed control can be found for:

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